Andean Foods Trading Co.

We are a Peruvian company with an entrepreneurial heart oriented to food trading, encouraging the fair trade of the hand with our farmers and clients in each part of the world.

We believe in doing things well and consciously, creating long-term relationships with our customers and farmers to whom we offer our products with added value and superior quality.

We work respecting the cultures of each of the people involved, we invest all our love and passion in everything we do and we are happy to generate a positive impact in our environment with the communities and farmers with whom we work with fair treatment.

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Your Fruit In Our
Expert Hands

The expert hands of our farmers, families that work the land from generation to generation are our best allies in this chain. Mother Earth is worked with respect and in a conscious way using the best agricultural practices which allow us to continue benefiting the world of fresh, natural and organic products.

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Social Responsibility

We have an enormous responsibility as a company to promote quality of life, contribute to regional development, and positively impact each of the areas where we operate.

Our Certifications